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With ME'scopeVES, seeing ODS is as easy as moving a cursor through your measurements, observing an animated display of your data. ME'scopeVES can scan through a set of waveforms and animate the response of a structure, or show the behavior of the structure by focusing on an instant, a certain frequency or a machine order.

ME'scopeVES was specifically designed for easy observation and analysis of a variety of vibration, acoustic, and material strength problems in machines and structures. It uses experimental multi-channel data, either waveform or frequency domain, acquired during the operation of a machine, or the static or dynamic loading of a structure.
Some Examples:

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Other Services

Vibration Analysis

Through the use of Data Collectors and CSI Analyzers, mono and multi-channel, we analyze vibrations of rotating or alternative machines of all sizes and power, such as motors, turbines, reducers, compressors, machining centers, pumps, blowers, generators and others.

Electric Motors Analysis

Our performance together with Induction, Synchronous and Continuous Current Electric Motors allows an accurate diagnosis of the state of operation of its internal parts besides the power panels.

Alignment and Balancing

Vitek Consultoria Ltda. Offers intervention maintenance services to assist companies in the execution of precision corrections of dynamic field balancing and / or laser alignment.