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We understand that the lubricant used by the machine is an important indicator of its general operating state, and that some problems can be detected by analyzing the lubricant well before the vibrational analysis. Through its mini tribological laboratory, Vitek offers lubricant analysis programs as a complementary technique or simply as a predictive tracking program for the machine and lubricant. The service offered allows the monitoring of physicochemical parameters of the lubricant, viscosity and evolution of the wear of the machine or its components. By means of an MHM database the results obtained in graphical form are managed by custom indexes in the client application, tended and, if necessary, samples are prioritized for sending to the oil analysis laboratories.


• Contamination by Ferrous and Non-Ferrous
• Machine Wear
• Amount of Water
• Chemical Degradation
• Viscosity

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Other Services

Vibration Analysis

Through the use of Data Collectors and CSI Analyzers, mono and multi-channel, we analyze vibrations of rotating or alternative machines of all sizes and power, such as motors, turbines, reducers, compressors, machining centers, pumps, blowers, generators and others.

Electric Motors Analysis

Our performance together with Induction, Synchronous and Continuous Current Electric Motors allows an accurate diagnosis of the state of operation of its internal parts besides the power panels.

Alignment and Balancing

Vitek Consultoria Ltda. Offers intervention maintenance services to assist companies in the execution of precision corrections of dynamic field balancing and / or laser alignment.