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Extremely efficient in the diagnosis of electrical, mechanical and thermal problems, thermographic inspection occupies more and more space in the predictive maintenance programs. For this, Vitek offers its customers simple inspections or long-term thermographic programs. We use state-of-the-art FPA camera and excellent resolution, accompanied by CSI data collector, thermal and visual image monitor and recorder, managed by image capture and scanning software. All work is done by an inspection route that will power the data collector which, in turn, will lead the thermographer throughout the inspection work. The report, made during the inspection, can be printed at the end of the thermographic journey in an automated way and with significant time savings. Within a thermographic program are prioritized circuits, machines or processes that will be monitored predictably and managed by software by the client.


• Transmission and Distribution Lines
• Substations Sheltered and Homeless
• Medium and High Voltage Power Panels
• Motor Control Center
• Electric motors
• Furnaces, Boilers and Refractories
• Industrial processes

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Other Services

Vibration Analysis

Through the use of Data Collectors and CSI Analyzers, mono and multi-channel, we analyze vibrations of rotating or alternative machines of all sizes and power, such as motors, turbines, reducers, compressors, machining centers, pumps, blowers, generators and others.

Electric Motors Analysis

Our performance together with Induction, Synchronous and Continuous Current Electric Motors allows an accurate diagnosis of the state of operation of its internal parts besides the power panels.

Alignment and Balancing

Vitek Consultoria Ltda. Offers intervention maintenance services to assist companies in the execution of precision corrections of dynamic field balancing and / or laser alignment.