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Infrastructure improvement on a global scale. AZZ Inc. is a global supplier of galvanizing, welding solutions, specialty electrical equipment and high technology services. We support power generation, transmission, distribution and industrial markets by protecting the metallic and electrical systems used to build and improve the global infrastructure.


The Iris M powered by Motion Amplification is a revolutionary video processing product and software package that measures subtle motion and amplifies this movement to a visible level with the naked eye. Each pixel becomes a sensor creating millions of data points in an instant.

PdMA® Corporation

PdMA® Corporation is a leader in the field of predictive maintenance (PdM) and condition monitoring, offering global electric motor test instruments. Our products and services are used by a wide variety of industries such as: manufacturing, utilities, field services, aerospace, petrochemical, pulp and paper, steel / service, mining, automotive, etc. PdMA ® operated under the current name And property Since August 1, 1993, in Tampa, Florida.