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CSI is part of the Asset Optimization division of Emerson Process Management, a specialist in the development of products focused on the protection, analysis and evaluation of machine health. CSI is the right choice as a supplier for a company that aims to develop and implement a Predictive Maintenance program in order to streamline Asset Management activities through Machine Condition Monitoring. Effective execution of the Predictive program allows, among other benefits, to extend the useful life and improve the performance of these assets. CSI's products include a wide range of Predictive, Proactive and Corrective technologies: all integrated and monitored within a single platform, software AMS - Machinery Health Manager (formerly RBMware).

Overview 2140 Emerson CSI:

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Other Services

Vibration Analysis

Through the use of Data Collectors and CSI Analyzers, mono and multi-channel, we analyze vibrations of rotating or alternative machines of all sizes and power, such as motors, turbines, reducers, compressors, machining centers, pumps, blowers, generators and others.

Electric Motors Analysis

Our performance together with Induction, Synchronous and Continuous Current Electric Motors allows an accurate diagnosis of the state of operation of its internal parts besides the power panels.

Alignment and Balancing

Vitek Consultoria Ltda. Offers intervention maintenance services to assist companies in the execution of precision corrections of dynamic field balancing and / or laser alignment.