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We offer acoustic survey services using precision instruments for measuring sound pressure, accompanied by CSI digital analyzers, which enable both real-time amplitude monitoring and the generation of narrow-band and octave-Tuesday spectra. We elaborated studies of Environmental Noise with the indispensable quantification of statistical parameters according to norms and according to the needs of the environmental control agencies. We developed environmental impact studies of industries in acoustic terms and conducted Noise Control Programs in the Community Environment. We do Traffic Noise surveys for the management and control of noise-sensitive urban areas. Within the industries, we carry out studies of identification and characterization of sound sources, producing acoustic mapping, and conducting surveys of occupational noises in accordance with Brazilian legislation. We provide advice for the control and solving of sound insulation problems and acoustic treatments in machines and environments.


• Environmental Noise Studies
• Traffic Noise Studies
• Industrial / Occupational Noise Studies
• Acoustic Draft
• Acoustic Monitoring for Short, Medium or Long Duration
• Acoustics Surveys and Surveys

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Other Services

Vibration Analysis

Through the use of Data Collectors and CSI Analyzers, mono and multi-channel, we analyze vibrations of rotating or alternative machines of all sizes and power, such as motors, turbines, reducers, compressors, machining centers, pumps, blowers, generators and others.

Electric Motors Analysis

Our performance together with Induction, Synchronous and Continuous Current Electric Motors allows an accurate diagnosis of the state of operation of its internal parts besides the power panels.

Alignment and Balancing

Vitek Consultoria Ltda. Offers intervention maintenance services to assist companies in the execution of precision corrections of dynamic field balancing and / or laser alignment.